Saving Power to Save Money

Saving Power to Save Money

Portable Generators 101 | A New Owner's Guide To Usage

by Cameron Carter

Whether you are looking for a generator just to keep your lights going when the power fails or because of medical reasons, a portable model is a great choice for most homeowners. These generators can be stored out in the garage and fired up at a moment's notice as long as you have fuel in the tank. If you have invested in a new portable generator for your home, it is likely that you have a few questions. Here are a few of the most common questions about portable generators and the answers you will want to know if a power outage leaves you using your new unit. 

Where is the best place to situate your generator?

You should never bring your gas or diesel-powered generator indoors, as exhaust fumes contain carbonous gases that can be harmful to your health. Additionally, do not place the generator near an open window or door to your house. It is best to keep the generator close enough that you can run a few extension cords to the unit, but far enough away that the exhaust fumes are not noticeable. Pick a shady spot if possible because this will help keep the generator cooler while it is in operation. 

Is it safe to leave the generator running unattended?

Modern generators are perfectly safe to leave running unattended. Some manufacturer's do recommend that you do not go to sleep with the generator running, just because it is best if someone can catch a mechanical issue early. 

How much fuel will the generator require to run for one 24-hour period?

The amount of fuel your generator will require in a full day varies. It can depend on the model you have, the form of fuel it uses, and even the unit's overall mechanical condition. Diesel-powered generators are known to run a little longer on one tank of fuel. Some diesel generators can last a full day on just eight or twelve gallons of fuel, whereas a gasoline powered generator may require as much as 20 gallons for the same time period.

Having a generator to rely on when the power goes out can be a major convenience as a homeowner. For more information, it is a good idea to thoroughly read through the instruction manual that you get with the model you invest in and contact a generator service, like South Shore Generator Service Inc, with any additional questions you may have. 


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