Saving Power to Save Money

Saving Power to Save Money

Three Reasons Why You Should Buy Elastimold Rubber Goods And Use Them Above Ground

by Cameron Carter

Elastimold is the namebrand associated with underground electrical cable connections. However, Elastimold also makes rubber goods, and you can use all of their products above ground too. Here are three reasons why you should buy Elastimold rubber goods and use them above ground while you are performing electrical repairs in a power plant.

They Are Very Stretchy and Flexible

Elastimold's rubber products for electrical use are very stretchy and flexible. That means if you have to pull them to their maximum length in order to get them to reach around electrical components or bypass an electrical fuse plate, you will have little trouble with these products. Some of these products will also compress just enough to fit into tight spaces.

They Are Heat-Resistant

You would hope that any rubber product used in conjunction with electricity and energy would be heat-resistant, but that is not always the case. These particular products are heat-resistant by grade of electricity, as well as heat-resistant if you use them above ground and in direct sunlight. Since sunlight is often one of the biggest reasons for avoiding the use of rubber products in electrical repairs, you can use these products and not think twice about what the sun and rain will do to them.

They Double as Excellent Wire Insulation and Electrocution Prevention

Many of the problems that occur with electrical wires and cables above ground occur because the wires and cables are exposed to colder temperatures in some areas and can easily lead to electrocution. Elastimold makes rubber goods that double as excellent wire insulation or coverage, and as a means of protecting you, your employees and the public from accidental electrocution. Wrapping electrical wires with these products or threading the wires and cables through the harder rubber and plastic products saves on service calls, lost time and lost wages, as well as providing safe energy to the public, which can then be installed in above-ground boxes and electrical posts.

How You Can Buy These Products 

Elastimold has two divisions. The first one handles production of metal and plastic electrical components, which are typically used at ground level or below. The second division handles the production of their rubber products, which can be used in just about any capacity you need, including above ground applications and electrical wiring and cable installations. You can contact the company and its divisions directly and ask about the products, a catalog or a referral to industrial suppliers who carry and supply the company's inventory, such as Northern Power.


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