Saving Power to Save Money

Saving Power to Save Money

Looking For A Way To Invest Some Money? Know Your Risks And What Will Pay Off

by Cameron Carter

If you have come into money and you are looking for a great way to invest it, there are some risks that you can take that may have big payoffs in the end. Although it's wise to put some of the money away in secure and stable savings and investment accounts, taking some risks with a portion of the money is a way to make a lot of money over time. Here are a few of the different investment options you'll want to consider when looking for unique and profitable ways to make money with the money you have.

New Business

There are a variety of franchises that you already know are successful, but you aren't sure how to get involved. Find franchises that are looking to open new locations, or pick a franchise that you like that isn't local, and see what the cost will be to open an establishment in your zip code. You also may want to find some local entrepreneurs that are looking for silent partners, or a team of investors. With a lawyer and some contracts you can buy into the developing business.


Investing in oil fields, like the Permian Basin oil fields for example, and areas where new oil is being found is almost a guaranteed way to make money. There are a lot of different oil fields still being discovered here in the United States, and you can be one of the people that make a profit when it's time to sell that oil. Oil is something that is going to be in demand long into the future, so it's a smart and reliable investment for your money.


Investment properties are a way to get a consistent payback over time, and to get a large profit when you sell the property. You can rent the properties and use the rent to cover the mortgage, and profit off the rent, and then when you want to get rid of the property you can cash in on the equity, or the entire sale of the home if it's paid off.

Talking with an investment professional when you come into money is wise, and you'll want to make sure that you have enough money to make risks with. Talk with the investment experts about putting a majority of the money into low risk savings options, and then explore these three options to try to make a lot of money over time. 


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Saving Power to Save Money

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