Saving Power to Save Money

Saving Power to Save Money

4 Facts To Understand About Arc Flashing In Your Industrial Set-Up

by Cameron Carter

In industrial settings, where the electrical voltage is really high, it is important to understand how switchgear and arc flashes work, and how to keep everything safe.

#1 Arc Flashes Are Flowing Electricity

Arc flashes are also referred to as arc faults. Arc flashes or faults happen when electrical is transferred through the air from one phase bar to another. Arc flashes also occur when electricity is passed between a phase bus bar and a ground or neutral point within the system.

#2 Arc Flash Severity Depends Upon Various Factors

The severity of an arc flash depends upon a couple of different factors. The biggest factor that influences an arc flash is how strong the voltage is from the switchgear that the electricity came from. The stronger the voltage from the switchgear, the stronger the arc flash can potentially be.

The second factor that an influence an arc flash is if the switchgear is open or closed when the electricity was discharged from the switchgear. If the gear is open, the arc will be stronger than if the switchgear is closed.

#3 Arc Flashes Can Be Prevented

One of the biggest things to remember is that arc flashes do not have to occur within your system. They can be prevented through proper maintenance and the implementation of safety measures.

To start with, you need to make sure that all electrical connections are properly attached and grounded. Loose electrical connects increase the risk of an arc flashing occurring. Next, insulation on the phase bus bars needs to be kept in good condition. Once the insulation on the phase bus bars needs to be replaced as soon as it shows signs of aging. Finally, you need to be careful about which tools you use on your switchgear.

#4 Arc Flashes Require Safety Gears

Arc flashes are really serious. Arc flashes can cause serious harm to your body and can cause fire and damage to your building as well. When working in an area where arc flashes could occur, correct protective gear needs to be worn. Any electrical workers have to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) that meets the incident energy for the area where they will be working. Without the right PPE, one could suffer serious burns to their body if they were to get hit by an arc flash. Working on industrial electrical equipment requires the right protective gear in order to keep you and your workers safe.

The chance of an arc flash within your industrial equipment can be greatly reduced and controlled through proper maintenance of your switchgear and other electrical components within your electrical system. For more information, visit websites like


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