Saving Power to Save Money

Saving Power to Save Money

  • Answers To Common Questions About Adding Solar Panels To Your Cabin

    Having a cabin in the woods can serve as an excellent retreat from the hectic life of the modern world. However, you may still want to enjoy the modern luxury of having electricity in your cabin. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get electricity to a cabin that is isolated in the woods. Luckily, solar panels can be an excellent option for meeting this need, but if you have never considered using these devices, you might want to have the following solar panel questions answered.

  • 3 Tips For Making A Starter Home Energy Efficient

    Purchasing a first home is a big step for many people. First homes are often referred to as starter homes, since many homeowners only live in them for a few years before selling them in order to move into another home that suits their growing needs. Even if a homeowner is not going to stay in their first home for more than a few years, making home improvements is still very common.

  • First Time Using Your New Propane Grill? 3 Tips That Will Help Keep You Safe This Summer

    Summer is here. Time to head outdoors and fire up the barbecue. If this will be your first experience with a propane barbecue, there are some things you'll need to know. While propane barbecues are an extremely safe way to cook food, there are still some safety precautions you'll need to take when handling your propane tanks. Here are three important tips that will help keep you safe this summer.

  • Looking For A Way To Invest Some Money? Know Your Risks And What Will Pay Off

    If you have come into money and you are looking for a great way to invest it, there are some risks that you can take that may have big payoffs in the end. Although it's wise to put some of the money away in secure and stable savings and investment accounts, taking some risks with a portion of the money is a way to make a lot of money over time.

  • Three Reasons Why You Should Buy Elastimold Rubber Goods And Use Them Above Ground

    Elastimold is the namebrand associated with underground electrical cable connections. However, Elastimold also makes rubber goods, and you can use all of their products above ground too. Here are three reasons why you should buy Elastimold rubber goods and use them above ground while you are performing electrical repairs in a power plant. They Are Very Stretchy and Flexible Elastimold's rubber products for electrical use are very stretchy and flexible. That means if you have to pull them to their maximum length in order to get them to reach around electrical components or bypass an electrical fuse plate, you will have little trouble with these products.

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    Saving Power to Save Money

    Few things are more frustrating than spending your entire summer vacation budget on air conditioning. Unfortunately, if you live in the hotter parts of the country, you might be faced with living in a mega-hot environment or suffering through a few tight budgeting months. I found myself in this same situation a few years ago, so I decided to start working hard to figure out how to conserve power. I worked with my local power company to solve the problem, and I was amazed to see how much of a difference it made with my monthly bills. This blog is all about saving power to save money.